15 Useful Free Android Apps for Web Developers

Firefox MobileThe apps that you will find below have not been designed to be an alternative mobile solution to typical development desktop software, but are, in there own right, really handy apps to have when you are out and about and on the move. You just never know when you will be struck with a dev idea or are suddenly struck with a code solution, and these apps have enough functionality to write and test and your inspired code ideas.

Firefox 4 Beta Mobile

Firefox 4 Beta is currently available for most Android 2.0+ devices (sadly not for my Hero!). The browser itself is fantastic and feature-rich, but accompanied by some of its currently available developer extensions (yes, it does support mobile specific addons) it truly is an essential requirement for any developer.

touchqode Code Editor

With touchqode you can view and edit source code that comes with syntax highlighting, autocomplete and other features found on a regular desktop IDE. It currently support Java, HTML, JavaScript, Python, C++, C# and Ruby.


HTMLeditor is a super-simple HTML,ASP,JS and CSS editor for quick coding when you are on the move.

Eval your Javascript Code

Eval your Javascript Code is a simple tool for

6 Reasons for using a Professional Web Developer to Build your Site

They make it look and sound so easy, don’t they? The ads you see on social media offering a DIY website platform for free or for a low monthly fee. They make you believe it is a fraction of the cost of a professionally built website and have you believe that building your own website is so simple, a child could do it. It’s often not until you start to actually use your site that the shortcomings of this way of creating your online presence become apparent. This post explores the world of the DIY website and provides you with 6 reasons why you should think twice before building one.

First, let’s be clear – there are plenty of people running blogs, not for profit organisations and the like, for whom a DIY site is perfect. Blogger, and those who read their work, don’t care if their site looks very similar to a host of other blogs. People who visit the websites of volunteer organisations are less likely to be deterred by a less than professional looking site and appreciate that the money the organisation saved by building its own website will be spent instead on the activities they care about.

Good planning makes for successful web development

Whether the job is a small adaptation of the functionality of a web site, or a major development project, to keep costs low and to ensure a smooth build process, planning is everything.

We had an enquiry this week for the development of a site with customer login, account management, the ability to purchase credits and then redeem the credits for a service on the website. The prospective client had no scope of work and had given very little thought to the mechanics of the site or even the customer journey. After several conversations and emails, we walked away from the project because the prospect was unable or unwilling to sit down and define a specification for the project.

A written specification on any web development project is essential. The one thing either the web development company or the client does not want is ambiguity. A lack of understanding of how each component part of the project needs to work, leads to a finished product which may well not be either what was in the mind of the client or worse, not fit for purpose.

This particular client has been given a fixed price by another company based on very ambiguous wish list.

How to select a web developer

Many Sinu customers have asked us about web development. There are a number of good platform options out there (see Sinu blog for more info on website builder solutions), so I would evaluate which platform is right for you based on hosting costs, functionality, and pre-designed templates. Once you have decided on a platform, look for a developer from that ecosystem.

Several website builder solutions have lists of development shops that they recommend for their specific platforms. There is along list of impressive SquareSpace development shops to choose from. Wix provides a list of recommended developers, showcases designs, and you can even get a free quote at WixArena. The Code Poet Directory from Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, lists enterprise-level WordPress professionals, web designers, and developers.

There are also many purpose-built platforms catering to specific industries. For instance, with NationBuilder you can build a website for a nonprofit or political candidate with built-in tools to facilitate fundraising, grassroots engagement, and letter-writing campaigns. NationBuilder has published a list of several developers for you to select from.

While Weebly does not have a published list of recommended developers, earlier this year the company launched an enterprise platform that combines the drag-and-drop website

21 Things Every Web Developer Should Be Doing

Keyword Research

If you have not performed keyword research before starting on the development of your site, then you are not building a website for your customers. You might as well just look in the mirror and say, “It’s all about me! It’s all about me!” Keyword research gives you a wealth of information on how your audience searches, what phrases have meaning to them and what, specifically, they are looking for. This feeds into the architecture and navigation of the site in huge ways.

Wire Frames

Wait. You are creating a design without putting together wire frames first? Big mistake. While skipping this step may get you a completed design quicker, without wire frames, your pages may end up missing critical elements or have functions in the wrong place. It may seem like a simple fix, but the design frequently distracts us from seeing the things we should be seeing.

That leaves you either approving a design you like, not realizing something is missing, or rejecting a design because something just seems wrong but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Build a wire frame for each unique section (or page) of your site so, without distraction of colors or other visual

10 Reasons Web Developers Should Learn AngularJS

There is no doubt that AngularJS – the self-proclaimed “superheroic JavaScript framework” – is gaining traction. I’ll refer to it frequently as just “Angular” in this post. I’ve had the privilege of working on an enterprise web application with a large team (almost 10 developers, soon growing to over 20) using Angular for over half of a year now. What’s even more interesting is that we started with a more traditional MVC/SPA approach using pure JavaScript and KnockoutJS before we switched over to using the power-packed combination of TypeScript and Angular. It’s important to note that we added comprehensive testing using Jasmine, but overall, the team agrees the combination of technologies has increased our quality and efficiency: we are seeing far fewer bugs and delivering features far more quickly.

If you are familiar with Angular, this post may give you some ideas to think about that you hadn’t encountered before. If you know Angular and are trying to justify its adoption at your company or on your project, this post can provide you with some background information that may help. If you have no idea what Angular is, read on, because I’ll share why it’s so powerful and then point you

The Best 10 for Modern Web Development to PHP Frameworks

PHP web frameworks have an ecosystem of their own in the world of web development. PHP frameworks are used to build websites and web applications of all sizes and complexity, ranging from small static websites to large scale complex enterprise content management systems.

PHP is the language of choice for web development with almost 80% of all the existing websites breathing on PHP code. It would have been next to impossible to create such a huge web footprint by developing web applications using raw PHP code from scratch. It is the power of PHP frameworks that has fueled such a massive growth.

Why Use PHP Web Framework?

When we look at modern web development needs, the key to success is speed development with well organized, reusable and maintainable code, all the while ensuring scalability. The best way to achieve this is by using an existing, proven PHP framework.

Frameworks offer ready to use components, libraries, enforce proven architecture, ensure separation of model, view and controller logic (MVC paradigm), abstract you away from the low level security concerns, enforce file and code structure, and the list is quite long. In short, PHP frameworks make web development fun and make you more productive.

These are the frameworks that are

How to Outsource Web Development

With many cities lacking technical talent, outsourcing web development has become the popular choice for businesses around the world. We’ve touched on the challenges of oDesk and Elance, the most popular outsourcing marketplaces on the web. And while the sentiments of that post, as well as comments from our readers, echo that web development is extremely difficult to outsource, for some, it’s their only option.


Most want to outsource web development overseas to save money, but the age old adage remains true, “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.” Ruby on Rails developers in the United States make over $100k a year on salary, so when I hear stories of failed web dev projects, I can only assume most tried to find $100k talent for $10/hr. And whether you’re hiring someone for $100/hr or $15/hr, if you’re non-technical, how do you evaluate technical talent? Most don’t and rely on the developers portfolio (where some list projects they didn’t even do), the eLance/oDesk programming skills test (where answers can be Googled) or their reviews. If you’re non-technical, you should really consider hiring a project manager, as the best people at outsourcing web development understand

How To Hire A Web Developer

The introduction of various different easy templates and html coding software like the front page etc does not mean that anyone can just start off with a professional web site and end up in making a perfect plan for you. You need to hire a web master professional who can design and plan your website and then hand it over to you for maintenance.

To know what you really want in your website is a must if you are looking for a web developer, it will not only help you in looking for the best professional according to the specially skills that are required for your work, but you will also be able to translate your thoughts to the web master to get a favorable result.

Some of the important things you will need to know to explain your web developer are the kind of information needed on the website, whether any updates will be needed on a regular basis, will there be any e-commerce included in the site and etc.

Of course before starting a search yourself, it is advisable to ask people’s views and opinions. If someone is happy with a web developer that means they are convinced with the results

A web developer can give you a powerful tool

For most people in the modern society it would be quite difficult to picture everyday’s life without computers. The youngest generation can hardly imagine their lives without Internet today. The popularity of worldnet is growing on an astounding scale, releasing thousands of new websites on every subject imaginable each day. You can think of something that might seem novice to you, but chances are that there is a website about it.

Such abundance of websites makes competition really fierce. If you were looking for the site with sport news, there would be an incredible number of websites providing all kind of information on this particular subject. The question is, what site would you personally choose? And the more popular the topic of the site is, the more difficult it is to slay the competition and look outstanding. However, the site with a smaller niche market doesn’t necessarily have guarantees to gain the amount of visitors that a company wants.

There are some website owners who believe that they can allure new customers by simply existing on the Internet. They believe that the site doesn’t require any investment to function well and efficiently. If you can say that you are an owner of

You Need to Know This Before Hiring a Web Developer Consultant

5 things you need to know before hiring a web developer consultant:

1. Who is Your Web Team?
Assembling a group of two or more individuals who will be responsible for decisions and maintenance of the site is important for several reasons.  First, involving more than one person allows your group to share ideas and gather opinions.  It also helps spread out the workload and creates a back-up plan when one person is unavailable.  You want this group to have the authority to make decisions regarding the site.

2. What is the Purpose of Your Website?
Defining the purpose of your site is extremely important.  One key question you will need to answer is “Who will be the target audience of your website?”  Websites can be used for internal communication among members of your organization, for external communication to reach those not yet a part of your organization, or more commonly, for both purposes.

3. This is an Investment.
Websites are marketing tools and, therefore, can be viewed as an investment rather than an expense.  Your website is going to help you attract new business or new members.  If the increase in business or visitors creates a value that is greater than the