6 Reasons To Consider WordPress Web Development For Online Business

Being evolved as a blogging platform, WordPress has gained worldwide popularity as a powerful content management system. Millions of websites worldwide are built on this platform. WordPress web development is the best and most affordable way to obtain a solid web presence in a convenient manner. Easy-to-manage, simple to use and SEO-friendliness are some of the major features of this incredible tool. Powering over 17% of the internet, WordPress can be used to develop all sorts of site, including simple blog sites, enterprise websites, sophisticated online portals and even e-commerce sites.

When it comes to the usage of content management systems, WordPress beats Drupal and Joomla with the biggest market share of 54%, where Drupal and Joomla hold 7% and 9% share respectively and rest of the CMSs hold 30% share. Around one-sixth of all the sites are built on WordPress. A few popular sites that are empowered with this robust tool are eBay, Forbes and TechCrunch.

Benefits of WordPress Web Development For Businesses

  • A WordPress-powered website has enough potential to rank higher in the popular search engines.
  • It provides easy integration with the social media sites, which is the best way to give your business maximum exposure. This enables you to drive more traffic to your website and gain potential customers.
  • If you have various sets of content written in advance and do not want to post them all at the same time, WordPress allows you to upload the desired number of contents and schedule date for every post.
  • RSS feeds enable your users to get the latest updates as soon as they are published with the tool (RSS Feeder). Your subscribers can choose to get the posts through email or newsletters.
  • WordPress takes care of the mobile users as well. It can automatically identify the type of device, which is being used to access the site and instantly adjusts the settings for optimal mobile viewing.
  • It is affordable for the small businesses to create a website using WordPress as it eliminates the need to spend money on the maintenance of your website in the long-run.

Thus, there are many reasons to use WordPress for developing your business website. But, if you want to compete in the cutthroat online market, it is recommended to seek a reliable company, which promises exceptional quality WordPress web development service at the affordable prices.