5 tips to improve your product descriptions

29Product descriptions are a must for every online store. A picture may say more than a thousand words, but a few hundred carefully chosen words can offer customers the exact kind of information they are looking for. If you feel your product descriptions are lacking something important and want to improve them, here is what you need to focus on:

More than just a description

One of the biggest mistakes committed by online retailers is copying the descriptions provided by manufacturers of products and publishing them on product pages without any changes. If your product descriptions do not offer any new information, you risk that visitors will leave your website and go somewhere else to find information they are looking for. You also lose the opportunity to show customers that your offer is unique and that you care about your customers’ needs. Think of product descriptions as sales copy rather than just a bunch of random facts. There are many ways, in which you can advertize your products and make them more attractive to your customers, explore the possible options and unleash your inner salesman!

Choose your tone

Retailers often wrongly assume that a professional tone is the only option for product descriptions, but the truth is that a lot depends on the kind of products you want to sell and the type of customers you want to sell them to. For example, young people will respond better to friendly, humorous tone, while adult women might prefer more elaborate descriptions typical for luxury products. Before you start writing product descriptions, try to define your buyer persona and imagine that you are writing these descriptions specifically for that person.

Point out the most important features

Even the best written large blocks of text are less appealing to potential customers than descriptions with the most important information properly highlighted. You can use different techniques to emphasize certain points: mark the key parts in bold or color, use bullet points or add titles and subtitles to divide text into smaller parts. Remember to plan these things when you are writing the copy, because they might affect your style and message.

Answer potential questions

Frequently Asked Questions, often abbreviated as FAQs, can serve as a useful source of information for potential customers, however, most online retailers either forget about FAQsor post them under separate tab, often difficult to find from the product page. Some online companies decided to break this trend and post Frequently Asked Questions directly on the product page. Result: this allowed them to significantly increase their conversion rates and improve customers’ satisfaction. If you think about it, it is no wonder that customers responded well to this kind of change: imagine that you are trying to buy a product you have never used before and do not know much about. Some of these Frequently Asked Questions probably reflect your own doubts and questions regarding the products. By posting FAQsdirectly to product pages online retailers are able to alleviate customers’ anxiety, provide relevant explanations and save money on customer service. If you think your business could benefit from this solution, try it as well!

Consider search engine optimization

Last, but definitely not least, when you are writing a product copy always keep in mind your search engine optimization strategy. Product descriptions are great features for search engine optimization, because you can hide keywords in these texts almost seamlessly, while maintaining the tone and natural feel of your descriptions. Discuss this topic with your Magento developers as well as your search engine optimization consultant to decide on the best keywords and their placement within the text.