How to Outsource Web Development

With many cities lacking technical talent, outsourcing web development has become the popular choice for businesses around the world. We’ve touched on the challenges of oDesk and Elance, the most popular outsourcing marketplaces on the web. And while the sentiments of that post, as well as comments from our readers, echo that web development is extremely difficult to outsource, for some, it’s their only option.


Most want to outsource web development overseas to save money, but the age old adage remains true, “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.” Ruby on Rails developers in the United States make over $100k a year on salary, so when I hear stories of failed web dev projects, I can only assume most tried to find $100k talent for $10/hr. And whether you’re hiring someone for $100/hr or $15/hr, if you’re non-technical, how do you evaluate technical talent? Most don’t and rely on the developers portfolio (where some list projects they didn’t even do), the eLance/oDesk programming skills test (where answers can be Googled) or their reviews. If you’re non-technical, you should really consider hiring a project manager, as the best people at outsourcing web development understand the technology, they understand code. We’ve even seen stories of a $100k+ USA employed developer outsourcing their job to China for a 5th of the price. Another option is going with a reliable company, providing a whole stack of outsourcing web development services. The guys at InternetDevels web development studio recommend estimating the skills and competence of a company by asking for recommendations from its previous business partners.


If you’re looking to outsource web development, a simple way to evaluate technical talent is to ask the developer to write a simple program. Imran Ghory developed a simple test called “FizzBuzz,” a test that can be completed by good developers in a few minutes. Though, as the article points out, he found that many computer science graduates couldn’t even finish the test, or self-proclaimed senior programmers took 10+ minutes. I’ve used this test with success, and weeded out a lot of bad applicants. If you’re hiring online, to conduct this test, ask the interviewee to share his screen during a Skype interview and then give him/her the “FizzBuzz” instructions. If he/she declines, or takes longer than 5 minutes – move on to the next applicant.


Do you know the difference between a web designer and web developer? The difference between PHP and CSS? WordPress and Drupal? Do you have a wireframe? If you answered no to all these questions (you’re not alone) – I would advise you to ask technical friends, or at least find technical people in your city through (or like sites) and attend one of their meet-ups. Unlike a consultation, there’s less of a sales pitch and you might find that working locally with someone (even at a premium) is well worth the price compared to the challenges faced with outsourcing marketplaces. Or at the very least you’ll gain new insight about what you’re looking for.


I talked to Adam Derewecki, and we chatted about a service he’s launching, where people can have their code reviewed to ensure people they’re hiring the right talent, but not only that they could find bugs or areas of improvement (this is why programmers tend to work in pairs – no one is perfect). I immediately thought the idea was gold, people can take advantage of lower labor rates around the world, whilst ensuring that their code is up to par. Anyway, I’ll let Adam talk a little bit more about his service, as well as provide you with a few additional tips on how to outsource web development.


Launching a startup is easier today than it’s ever been before, especially for entrepreneurs without technical backgrounds. Need to run a mailing list? Use MailChimp. Need a landing page with an email collector? KickoffLabs has your back. And then for everything else, there’s WordPress and Unbounce. But if you experience growth, sooner rather than later you’ll need the flexibility and control of moving to your own stack, such as Ruby on Rails. This is where things get a little murky. There’s a lot of developers on oDesk, and prices are across the board. How do I hire the right developers to make sure I’m not building something that will collapse on itself?

If you need to outsource development, you’ve got a few options based on your budget:

  • $15-20/hour oDesk or Elance lowest priced outsourced developers ($31k/year)
  • $40-60/hour oDesk or Elance contractors with a good reputation ($83k/year)
  • $60-120/hour Contractor with an outstanding reputation ($125k/year)
  • $120-250+/hour Domain expert ($250k/year)

The first option is obviously the most attractive financially. And if you’re setting up a basic page to gauge interest and maybe do a few basic things, you don’t really need the best developers to start with. But how do you know which developers to hire and make sure that they’re writing code that’s doing the right thing? By using PaidCodeReview you can hire an expert to lend technical expertise by reviewing code on your behalf. Let’s look at a few situations where this can help.


Your MVP (or small seed round) has been successful enough that you’ve got $5k and can afford to hire two developers for a month-long project (about 333 hours). You’ve narrowed your candidates down to four, but don’t know how to choose the two best developers.


Request a code sample from each candidate and hire an expert on PaidCodeReview to review each code sample, provide feedback, and an overall recommendation to you. Code samples tend to be smaller projects (though not always) so you’ll
want to budget one hour per candidate. For four candidates then, the total would be $200 — or, about 13 hours of paid contractor time. Trust me, if you end up choosing the wrong contractor, you’ll be measuring your losses in WEEKS and not

This is an appropriate time for an outsourcing anecdote of my own. At the time, I was bootstrapping CameraLends and decided to try outsourcing some basic specs on ODesk. I looked at a few dozen candidates and chose 1 of 2 who were in my price range and had experience with Rails and Rspec. After waiting longer than promised, I was delivered a few dozen specs that tested various aspects of the site.

Except they didn’t. You could run the tests and they passed, sure. Luckily, I’d been writing Rspec for years and knew my way around very well. Within minutes of looking at the source code, my jaw dropped: these tests weren’t testing
anything at all! I’ll spare the technical details, but basically the tests set up a test object and verified that the values in the object matched themselves. I called the contractor out on it and he immediately refunded my money, no questions asked. The moral of the story is: everything about a contractor can appear right, even code that appears to work, but without expert review, can create a liability.


Your bootstrapped business has been chugging along for a year now and you’ve hired six different contractors over the course of the year. Your current contractor is telling you there’s a lot of code that makes no sense to him.


Think of how many times your business has changed or evolved in the last year. Was each contractor pitched a different “big vision”? Even a well managed team of top-notch programmers introduce technical debt over time. Given that, it’s easy to see how lower-quality programmers, who may have each worked in isolation, and without technical oversight can produce mountains of technical debt. That should be scary, because unknown technical debt can lead to hours or even days
of downtime, if you have to suddenly fix it all at once.

Using PaidCodeReview, you can hire an expert to periodically review your entire code base, to give you peace of mind that you’re not walking through a field of land mines. Experts with years of industry experience can help identify and
assess the severity of anti-patterns or other technical debt in your code base. Think about how much you’re spending on outsourced developers, and then tell me that spending a small fraction of that on expert review of your core business
isn’t worth it.


I don’t want to make it sound so doom and gloom — I’ve worked with a number of talented outsourced contractors who work hard, let you know when they’re not confident about their solution, and are generally pleasant to work with.
However, many of them are also more junior developers or contractors who work on small projects and never see the problems associated with larger projects.


This is an investment opportunity. Personally having worked with junior engineers on teams I’ve lead, it’s amazing how quickly code review can fix bad habits and instill new, good practices. “You don’t know what you don’t know,” as the saying goes, and it’s especially true for development. Junior developers often waste time re-implementing solutions to solved problems because they simply don’t know any better. Code review is a very effective way to convey a lot of information, and can serve as a learning aide to multiple developers at once.

How To Hire A Web Developer

The introduction of various different easy templates and html coding software like the front page etc does not mean that anyone can just start off with a professional web site and end up in making a perfect plan for you. You need to hire a web master professional who can design and plan your website and then hand it over to you for maintenance.

To know what you really want in your website is a must if you are looking for a web developer, it will not only help you in looking for the best professional according to the specially skills that are required for your work, but you will also be able to translate your thoughts to the web master to get a favorable result.

Some of the important things you will need to know to explain your web developer are the kind of information needed on the website, whether any updates will be needed on a regular basis, will there be any e-commerce included in the site and etc.

Of course before starting a search yourself, it is advisable to ask people’s views and opinions. If someone is happy with a web developer that means they are convinced with the results and so you should in the first place consider those web developers.

The best thing indeed would be to take a survey and explore then website of the web developer himself, so as to look for minute details and any flaws or weak points that you can see as a visitor that might be present in your site also. Always check the credibility of a professional by looking at his recent works, in this case, you can demand for a portfolio of the web developer and also analyze whether the skills verbally mentioned to you are in fact authentic or not.

A web developer can give you a powerful tool

For most people in the modern society it would be quite difficult to picture everyday’s life without computers. The youngest generation can hardly imagine their lives without Internet today. The popularity of worldnet is growing on an astounding scale, releasing thousands of new websites on every subject imaginable each day. You can think of something that might seem novice to you, but chances are that there is a website about it.

Such abundance of websites makes competition really fierce. If you were looking for the site with sport news, there would be an incredible number of websites providing all kind of information on this particular subject. The question is, what site would you personally choose? And the more popular the topic of the site is, the more difficult it is to slay the competition and look outstanding. However, the site with a smaller niche market doesn’t necessarily have guarantees to gain the amount of visitors that a company wants.

There are some website owners who believe that they can allure new customers by simply existing on the Internet. They believe that the site doesn’t require any investment to function well and efficiently. If you can say that you are an owner of such bare boned website and yet, you have a big number of customers, you should be lucky to have such results. However, this is a very rare case and if it happened to somebody, it won’t necessarily happen to you. The site should look appealing to its customers to make them want to return for more content.

Improve the navigation system of the site and select a pleasing-to-the-eye color scheme. If you can’t do those things yourself, it’s better to hire an experienced web master who knows how to do this job at a high professional level. Webmaster knows how important it is for a website to look exclusive, interesting and eye-catchy. Besides, they know how to optimize the site for better search engine rankings.

The competition on the Internet  is incredible in the present days. Hence, if you want to produce a trustworthy, inspiring and beneficial project, it’s vital to to invest time, money and effort.

You Need to Know This Before Hiring a Web Developer Consultant

5 things you need to know before hiring a web developer consultant:

1. Who is Your Web Team?
Assembling a group of two or more individuals who will be responsible for decisions and maintenance of the site is important for several reasons.  First, involving more than one person allows your group to share ideas and gather opinions.  It also helps spread out the workload and creates a back-up plan when one person is unavailable.  You want this group to have the authority to make decisions regarding the site.

2. What is the Purpose of Your Website?
Defining the purpose of your site is extremely important.  One key question you will need to answer is “Who will be the target audience of your website?”  Websites can be used for internal communication among members of your organization, for external communication to reach those not yet a part of your organization, or more commonly, for both purposes.

3. This is an Investment.
Websites are marketing tools and, therefore, can be viewed as an investment rather than an expense.  Your website is going to help you attract new business or new members.  If the increase in business or visitors creates a value that is greater than the cost of your website, then you have made a good investment.

4. Not All Websites are Equal.
Features, functionality, and design of websites can mean different things to different web developers.  You need to have a good idea of what you want from your site and be ready to ask detailed questions to be sure your web developer can create the website that will fit your needs.

5. Plan to Measure Effectiveness.
Once your site is up and running, people within your organization will want to know “Is our site making a difference?”  Before you create your website, you need to decide what markers you will use to determine if your site is effective.